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Pakistani women live in classic society of patriarchal muslim. Mostly parents agree about the conjugal union of the future couple. Marriages in love can be found only in megalopolises. In marriage a priority be a wife is given to cousins, second cousins and finally the females of the their own clan or tribe. The situation of pakistani women for the huge part similar to the whole Arab world. The most important role for them is being a wife and mother of children, preferably sons. Sons are usually more prefered daughters because sons are supporting elderly parents. The marriage of a daughter and her dowry is often a heavy burden for shoulders of her parents. Sometimes they are not even able to pay off all the debts for many years. Girls are getting married before the 18-th years old or earlier.

Teens at early ages began to prepare for housekeeping, sewing and cooking. After the girl is married, the main event for her is the birth of children. Children are considered to be a gift of God. As children grow and status of the mother increases, especially if she has a couple of sons. Families with daughters of marriageable age, turning to her in finding suitors. Most mothers have a big impact on on their sons. In old age, Pakistani women switch to raising grandchildren. In the local community the situation of pakistani women are very peculiar.

On the one side, the country is one of the mostly “europeanized” countries in the world of Islam, where numerous girls are just baggy access to education and social activities, politics. But within a community or family status of women is determined by all the values and Islamic traditions, which in this regard are at the highest level and have extraordinary power. A lot of pakistani women are denied of any rights. They have no idea what the independence or freedom is. They are sure that they are born for serving husbands and families without a personal opinion. In such families the facts of women violence are often presented, where husbands are showing serious cruelty to wives.

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